Most people who are in a position of home ownership are usually itching to find improvements for their homes that make it distinctly theirs and improve the value of their home. We are often tempted to renovate our bathrooms, kitchens or closets or home offices. Its true that these updates can increase the purchase appeal as well as add to your own quality of life, but its may be more likely the case that it doesn’t really add much value to your home, and the potential buyers will want to replace whatever you did to make it distinctly theirs, or it will be such a head ache through out that you will never enjoy it and lose a fair amount of money in the process.

The home improvement projects that will pay you back for a change are not most glamorous by any means, buy with all the money you save you can are going to feel pretty fancy when you look at that full bank account. Here are the five projects that will help you be balling on a budget, and get the home to work for you rather than the other way around. This is coming from the National Association of Remodeling Industry and Nation association of Realtors so trust us, we called the experts. 

First up is replacing your roof. I know what you’re thinking, ” I thought this was cheap improvements.” But you would be surprised that this large scale project is actually relatively inexpensive. But you can recoup 105% of the value of the job when you do decide to sell. The NARI has estimated that you’ll likely spend $7,600 to remove your old roof of a 2,640 square foot 2 level house and install a laminated architectural asphalt shingles. Just something to consider I suppose.

Up next is that your old hard wood floors. The home improvement projects with second highest return of investment is when you refinish your hardwood floors. This essentially transforms your dull scratched wood floors into shiny good as new flooring in a really cheap and exciting way. Homeowners can typically recoup 1005 of the expense so I say go for it, or should I say go floor it.

Another all function no fashion improvement is to upgrade your insulation. This as you could imagine is the third highest return of investment you can do and is expected to recoup 95%. This will probably run you about $2,100 when adding 10 inches of blown in cellulose insulation to your attic. This again is according to the NARI. This is a biggie because you are just going to think of the heat you are keeping in your home as pure cash given the huge energy costs we see today. 

Last buy not least is that you replace your garage door with a sleek automatic garage door opener. This is something that is low cost but has a big affect because it is the face of your home and is an upgrade everyone will see and serves and kind of the first impression we get on our homes.

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