Tiny homes which are defined as being personal dwellings ranging from about 50 to 300 square feet, are becoming more than a cute trend and are putting their foot in the doorway of the millennial home buyer market. This is a trend that did not happen over night, but the speed of change that is occurring says you should get on board now and beat the curve before it becomes the next overly priced hipster lifestyle fad. This is one of the most cost effective decisions you will ever make. lkjlkj

The beauty of tiny home living is in respect to the fact that this is the work of a largely counter culture in conjunction with the maker phenomena. What this means is that if you go on the internet right now you could make it your full time job to read plans and tutorials on how to make and live in a tiny home and not run out of material to read for quite some time. So if you go at it you won’t do it alone necisarily and will save a lot of money of someone to design it. Moreover, there are a lot of kits so even if you have very limited building skills they make it very simple for you, so much that they do all the cutting and jointly with CNC cut components. From there its just like you’re building a model or a Lego set its so simple.

As we all know no matter what city you go to in the united states, if it even has a little bit of character chances are you are being priced out of living there, or are dramatically settling for something you don’t really want. People are willing to pour thousands of dollars into a housing system that gives you a roof over your head while your there but nothing for when you leave. This is a headache and will never allow you to retire in peace. So if you are going to take this as a serious en devour you should consider making it a five year plan. Save a little bit here and there, whatever you can, and in time you’ll be able to build your own tiny home. In time you’ll be able to be an actual owner of something, and have something that you only put money into for maintenance and general upkeep, but it won’t be a drain, it will be an investment into something is equity with a retained value.

“a lot of people come to the tiny home movement because of finances. They are looking to get out of the rat race, to get out of debt, things like that and it seems like a lot of people stay because of the lifestyle.”  Says Ryan Mitchell an tiny home expert.

gogo“it was just the effort and time took to maintain a large house and we filled it with a lot of things that we didn’t necisarily need and didn’t really add any value to our every day life or experience.” If we want to break the cycle of debt and spending of frivolous things for rooms we hardly go in with cheap crap from pier one, then we should consider tiny homes on a large scale.


With good space becoming ever scarce in most urban environments and housing prices steadily rising people have been finding shelter in tinier and tinier dwellings. Traditionally this has been looked at as a down grade, but given a recent change that is sweeping the country that reconsiders how we view our living space and how to do things in a more efficient manner. The problem is that most people even if they are willing to down size find it difficult to know how to do it right, So here are just a few of the many things to consider when getting the most bang for your buck in your tiny home. It is also important to note that these practices can benefit people of any size home, and the consideration of space efficiency is something that should be considered.
Wall Mounted Folding Furniture:

This is a great way to open up a tight space because when the desk is not in use it folds nicely into the wall. This is the same principle as a Murphy bed but can cover just about every surface you need. From desks to dining tables to general work surfaces this opening up allows you to have several rooms in one given the fact that they are mo-dual and you can do any set up mixing and matching floor layouts until you get the right feel in mind. Additionally by extending the fold up area where the surface will sit only a few inch you allow for the space specific items to be there such as your spices for the dining room, or pens and pencils at your desk. This is a great tool for efficiently because itmurph makes it so you do not need to gather and relocate specific items to complete any task, you are always set to do the task at hand for the area specific table.  So remember permanent bulky furniture is your enemy and you want things that are multi use capable of storage. This principle also applies to thinking about appliances, For example you can have fordable rods to dry clothing to eliminate the need for large expensive and noisy dryers.

Sliding Storage:

This is another way to utilize space that is many times neglected. One way to utilize a greater amount of cabinet storage space is to use the depth next to your fridge that is being wasted. To do this you merely put a six inch shelf on a track next to your fridge that can run roughly the length of your fridge and you are able to triple the cabinet space that is inherent to traditional front facing shelves. Another way to utilize the dead spaces of your home that are not being used in a major way is to take advantage of staryour stairs. you can have two shelf systems. 1 would be to utilize the space of the kick board and have pull out shelves; where another is to use the space perpendicular on the ground level and use the space under the stringer.







Home decor trends come and go; pictures of Ronald Reagan used to be new and exciting household additions, but now unless those pictures are outfitted with secret surveillance cameras that look out from between his lips, they’re old news. What with the technological era gearing up to be the beginning of the rest of our lives, home decor needs to have a new age twist to be considered fun and up-to-date. Here are some tips for creating the perfect tech vibe in your home or business without emptying your wallet.

cup holder furniturePut Cup Holders in All of Your Furniture

Whether it’s an armchair, a desk or a water cooler, it probably could use a cup holder. Cup holders are an excellent example of timeless technological advancement. Not only do they create a place for you to put your coffee cup when you’re typing on your smart phone, but you can fill unused cup holders with flowers, mardi gras beads and colored rocks depending on your mood. Cup holders are also good for candy wrappers and the paper that individual straws come in.

Wrap Your Refrigerator in Tin Foil

Simultaneously stylish and ironic (which makes it even more stylish and ironic!), wrapping your refrigerator in foil will give your kitchen that space-age look without requiring you to break the bank on a fridge made of tin foil.  This can work with ovens, microwaves, toasters, egg beaters, kitchen cutlery, organic basil and other tin foil dispensers.

Make Decorative Displays with Neighbors’ E-Waste

Earn points in your cul-de-sac by  offering to take the neighborhood’s E-Waste to the dump once a month. Once you’ve accumulated enough broken laptops, cracked smart phones, floppy disks and old generators, just save any pertinent data that might be stored on them to your external hard drive and then you’re free to start prying things open! Make a decorative wreath for your front door using power cables and spare glass or glue some broken Wii’s together to make a throw pillow.

dog roombaMake a Roomba Costume for Your Dog

Roombas are the delight of all tech-savy homeowners, and just because you can’t afford a maid robot doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Create a home-made Roomba costume for your small dog using a 3D printer and the copyrighted Roomba design; just program the printer to leave a space in the center long and wide enough for your pup to stand in, attach a harness around him that connects to the Roomba shell, put a shoe box over his head and body to keep his furry body out of sight and let him roll around as he pleases! The only drawback? Your Roomba’s box-like addition will make it seem like an earlier model; just tell your friends you splurged on a vintage collectible and you’re home free!

bedroom1In the today’s competitive world, it is easy to buy the Bedroom Furniture at a reasonable price. High quality, tasteful, good and well made furniture can be purchased at an affordable rate. It would be better for you to know about the type of furniture which you really want to buy. If it is the master bedroom, then what type of design you want, the decor and theme of your home, and most importantly your budget. After all, the bedroom is the only place where you would be spending your lot of time, to sleep, to lie and to relax.

You are looking for furniture which should be comfortable and smoothing also. If its any bedroom furniture for your kids, then furniture choice would be depending on the number of children and their sex and age. If it’s a guest bedroom, then you really want furniture which is not very costly and practical.

Bedroom furniture is mainly made from wrought iron, wood, particle and metals board. There are many different qualities of wood which are used in making the room furniture. You can get tasteful designed and sturdy bedroom furniture in wood which wouldn’t be much costly. There are several expensive wood furniture’s made from mahogany, walnut, teak and other expensive wood. But you can also get reasonable priced bedroom furniture made from ash, fir, pine, poplar and other cheaper wood.

As we all know that the quality furniture makers would be using good quality seasoned wood as they would have a reputation to maintain in the market. These quality furniture makers know that everyone cannot buy mahogany or any other expensive furniture. So they are using only cheaper quality wood but they are not compromising on the furniture quality in any circumstances. In few bedroom furniture particles board and wood are combined in furniture manufacturing.

bedroom2If you want modernistic looking furniture, then you can try Wrought iron furniture which is very famous among the buyers. There is some well made and very tastefully designed wrought iron bedroom furniture available in the market. The price of the Wrought iron furniture is not expensive unless its designer furniture.

In the traditional days, we used to purchase Bedroom fixture only from the furniture stores but now those days are gone. Now you can buy bedroom furniture online easily by visiting furniture sites. You can pick up easily good quality and reasonably priced wood furniture. Most renowned and famous furniture makers have their own web sites from where you can book your order or get the address of their shop in your vicinity.

You can buy good quality bedroom furniture on the internet. Make sure that they are providing the return facility also in case you don’t like the quality of the furniture. Some furniture suppliers provide guarantees also so that you can return it at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a nicely design bedroom furniture for your home and give your room a shinny and attractive look.