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With good space becoming ever scarce in most urban environments and housing prices steadily rising people have been finding shelter in tinier and tinier dwellings. Traditionally this has been looked at as a down grade, but given a recent change that is sweeping the country that reconsiders how we view our living space and how to do things in a more efficient manner. The problem is that most people even if they are willing to down size find it difficult to know how to do it right, So here are just a few of the many things to consider when getting the most bang for your buck in your tiny home. It is also important to note that these practices can benefit people of any size home, and the consideration of space efficiency is something that should be considered.
Wall Mounted Folding Furniture:

This is a great way to open up a tight space because when the desk is not in use it folds nicely into the wall. This is the same principle as a Murphy bed but can cover just about every surface you need. From desks to dining tables to general work surfaces this opening up allows you to have several rooms in one given the fact that they are mo-dual and you can do any set up mixing and matching floor layouts until you get the right feel in mind. Additionally by extending the fold up area where the surface will sit only a few inch you allow for the space specific items to be there such as your spices for the dining room, or pens and pencils at your desk. This is a great tool for efficiently because itmurph makes it so you do not need to gather and relocate specific items to complete any task, you are always set to do the task at hand for the area specific table.  So remember permanent bulky furniture is your enemy and you want things that are multi use capable of storage. This principle also applies to thinking about appliances, For example you can have fordable rods to dry clothing to eliminate the need for large expensive and noisy dryers.

Sliding Storage:

This is another way to utilize space that is many times neglected. One way to utilize a greater amount of cabinet storage space is to use the depth next to your fridge that is being wasted. To do this you merely put a six inch shelf on a track next to your fridge that can run roughly the length of your fridge and you are able to triple the cabinet space that is inherent to traditional front facing shelves. Another way to utilize the dead spaces of your home that are not being used in a major way is to take advantage of staryour stairs. you can have two shelf systems. 1 would be to utilize the space of the kick board and have pull out shelves; where another is to use the space perpendicular on the ground level and use the space under the stringer.