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Home decor trends come and go; pictures of Ronald Reagan used to be new and exciting household additions, but now unless those pictures are outfitted with secret surveillance cameras that look out from between his lips, they’re old news. What with the technological era gearing up to be the beginning of the rest of our lives, home decor needs to have a new age twist to be considered fun and up-to-date. Here are some tips for creating the perfect tech vibe in your home or business without emptying your wallet.

cup holder furniturePut Cup Holders in All of Your Furniture

Whether it’s an armchair, a desk or a water cooler, it probably could use a cup holder. Cup holders are an excellent example of timeless technological advancement. Not only do they create a place for you to put your coffee cup when you’re typing on your smart phone, but you can fill unused cup holders with flowers, mardi gras beads and colored rocks depending on your mood. Cup holders are also good for candy wrappers and the paper that individual straws come in.

Wrap Your Refrigerator in Tin Foil

Simultaneously stylish and ironic (which makes it even more stylish and ironic!), wrapping your refrigerator in foil will give your kitchen that space-age look without requiring you to break the bank on a fridge made of tin foil.  This can work with ovens, microwaves, toasters, egg beaters, kitchen cutlery, organic basil and other tin foil dispensers.

Make Decorative Displays with Neighbors’ E-Waste

Earn points in your cul-de-sac by  offering to take the neighborhood’s E-Waste to the dump once a month. Once you’ve accumulated enough broken laptops, cracked smart phones, floppy disks and old generators, just save any pertinent data that might be stored on them to your external hard drive and then you’re free to start prying things open! Make a decorative wreath for your front door using power cables and spare glass or glue some broken Wii’s together to make a throw pillow.

dog roombaMake a Roomba Costume for Your Dog

Roombas are the delight of all tech-savy homeowners, and just because you can’t afford a maid robot doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Create a home-made Roomba costume for your small dog using a 3D printer and the copyrighted Roomba design; just program the printer to leave a space in the center long and wide enough for your pup to stand in, attach a harness around him that connects to the Roomba shell, put a shoe box over his head and body to keep his furry body out of sight and let him roll around as he pleases! The only drawback? Your Roomba’s box-like addition will make it seem like an earlier model; just tell your friends you splurged on a vintage collectible and you’re home free!